How to Find the Best Garage Door Opener for Your Home in 2020

When it comes to choosing the best garage door opener for your home, there are many angles to consider and important facets that tie in with making a final decision on your garage door and its opener. You should be taking the time to research not only the best door brands on the market, but also the importance of proper security measures to ensure that your personal safety is top of mind.

So, what are the main factors to consider so that you aren’t going blindly into an important decision regarding your personal property? Below, we’ll discuss each in more detail:

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    Safety Measures

    If you’ve ever checked out any of our previous blog posts and our About page, you know that safety is our number one priority. We urge all consumers to ask questions of their chosen garage door company so that they can be better informed and feel empowered.

    Garage door safety mechanisms like the automatic safety reverse feature is important in case an object (person, animal, etc.) is in danger of getting caught underneath a closing door. This important safety mechanism is now required by federal law to be installed on all garage doors, as it lowers the risk for injury or possible death due to the excess weight of the door.

    Age of Door

    If you have an older garage door that isn’t in working order, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade. A garage door’s opener mechanism will wear out over time, and if you have an older garage door, this could also present a safety issue. When you do decide to add on a new door and opener, it’ll also lend itself to a nicer-looking aesthetic for your home as well as increase the property value. Plus, from a purely functional standpoint, your garage door will once again be mobile, which can create peace of mind.

    Battery Backups

    Battery backups as part of your garage door’s opener are probably somewhat overlooked when it comes to level of importance, but this is a feature that can save you when you lose power and still need access to your vehicles and belongings housed within your garage. If your neighborhood experiences an electrical storm, it’s good to have a battery backup when it’s surely needed!

    Manual Release

    Similar to battery backups, all garage doors should be equipped with a manual release cord, as you may need to be able to access your belongings if there’s a power outage or motor issue and you still need to open the door by hand. It’s good to keep in mind and be aware of potential theft if someone tries to access the release cord from outside the door. Make sure that there aren’t any obvious openings at the bottom where someone could try rigging the door to get it open.

    Rolling Code

    Rolling code technology allows your garage door opener to transmit a different number series code each time your door is opened with a remote device in order to prevent someone from gaining access to your garage via a recorded code. This technology is now standard with newer garage doors but may not be present in much older garage doors (pre-mid 90s).


    One important thing to consider when choosing a garage door opener is the installation process. You can purchase a garage door opener from a home improvement retail store and install it yourself, but if you run into issues and aren’t able to complete the job yourself, you’ll have to consult with a professional garage door outfitter, which may add an additional labor cost. Not to mention, if you’ve already opened the box and attempted to install the parts, you may not be able to return them. You’re much better off in the long run to consult with a garage door company and get an actual estimate for a professional install, which also brings up the importance of warranties.


    A reputable garage door company will guarantee the work and some will also offer add-on services, such as ongoing maintenance checks to keep your door in tip top shape. When purchasing DIY products from a store, such as a garage door opener, you may not be given an option for warranty should anything go awry.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this installment (pun intended) of the blog, and we encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have whether it’s about our products, installation, or anything you’re curious to know about garage doors. Until next time!

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