Garage doors are an integral part of the house. It is as important for the safety of your property as the main gate. Many homeowners don’t give attention to the maintenance of garage doors and when their condition is worsened, the only solution left is to replace them. Constant maintenance of garage doors makes them a safe entry point. It is not optional but necessary to maintain your garage door. You can have your garage door maintained by calling The Up and Up Doors. We are a highly reputed garage door company in your area. Our maintenance and repair services will make your garage door function properly for a long time.

Common Garage Door Safety Tips for Homeowners:

Here we have listed some maintenance and safety tips that you can perform to ensure your garage door works properly without any trouble. There are an estimated 30,000 injuries that are resulted from the garage doors annually. It is always recommended to perform proper maintenance of the garage door so you don’t have to face sudden trouble and also safe use of the garage door is always advised.

  • Test the safety features:

Today, most modern garage doors come with three standard safety features, and these features are needed to be checked regularly.

  • Automatic reversal system – It is the oldest feature in the garage doors due to which the garage doors stop functioning when they sense an obstruction in their path and move in the reverse direction. You should make sure that this feature is updated and working perfectly.
  • Infrared motor detection – These are the sensors that sense the things on the path and in return activate the reversal system to prevent any damage. These sensors should be checked accordingly to see if they are working properly
  • Emergency manual release – It is used when someone needs manual assistance in the time of need to operate a garage door. It is one of the most important garage door features that should be kept in check to see if it works efficiently


  • Steer clear of doors in motion:

There are many times that when we are about to enter our car, we have forgotten something and when we go there to collect it, we close the garage door and run out while the doors are about to close. You might have become an expert in this situation but this is a bad example you are setting for your children and you may get injured sometime. Always avoid entering a garage door while it is opening.


  • Perform proper maintenance:

It is not always that you will have to call professional services home for maintenance. Sometimes, tiny maintenance services in homes can prove to be of a great result. For routinely performing the maintenance check you should;

  • Pay attention to your door – you should always keep an eye on the door every time it opens or closes. Only this step can save you from so many later doors services.
  • Tighten all parts – garage doors are operated daily for one to many times. This continuous proper functioning can sometimes result in the loosening of the objects that need to be tightened. Small home tools can help you with that.
  • Examine your rollers – continuous garage doors in daily life can result in the misalignment of the tracks and rollers.
  • Test balance of your garage door – a balanced garage door works in the proper manner. You can make sure that your garage door is balanced at home by disconnecting the opener. Then move the door halfway up by yourself and if it moves by itself, it means there is an issue with the counterweight springs
  • Replace weather-stripping – prevent dirt and other elements from entering your home by replacing the weather stripping
  • Lubrication of moving parts – the most important tip is lubricating the parts of your garage door so it always functions smoothly.
  • Cable inspection – you have to inspect the cables of the house to see if all the components of your garage door are in a perfect manner.
  • Groom your garage door – if you want to ensure that your garage door looks the same way even after ten to thirteen years, keep your garage door clean and fresh.

Note: If you ever find the work troubling and don’t want to do it, just give The Up and Up Doors a call. We will fill your space with happiness.

  • Garage door opener safety:

Opening and closing the garage door via remote control is not only comfortable but also satisfying. You will experience so many issues when the opener begins to malfunction. You should always check the functioning of openers to see if it hasn’t slowed down and is still working.

  • Be aware of tension springs:

Tension springs play a key role in opening and closing garage doors. You cannot handle the maintenance or light repair on your own and require professional services. Don’t worry and contact The Up and Up Doors to be freed from all worries.

These preventive measures that are necessary for your safety are very important and the maintenance should be made according to you. If you are afraid that things might get out of hand if you try to do them yourself, then all you need is professional services by The Up and Up Doors.

Repair and installation services:

The Up and Up Doors is one of the leading garage door companies in your area. We have provided remarkable services to our customers. If you are in need of professional repair, maintenance, or installation services, the highly skilled team at The Up and Up Doors can help you with that. Our services are quick and accurate that provide you safety, save your time, money, and energy. We have the right tools to carry out the perfect garage door services. And also all of our services are backed up with a warranty and you will have the garage door repair and maintenance services that will make the functionality of your garage door longer.

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