Home Improvement Trends: What’s Hot in 2020

Just a few weeks ago, we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new year and a whole new decade. The year 2020 may still sound a bit like something imaginary out of a science fiction novel, but it’s our actual reality. A new year can bring about exciting concepts and cutting-edge technology that is not limited to gadgets alone. It can easily lend itself to the home improvement and design realm as well.

Here’s what’s trending in the world of home improvement in 2020:

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    Cleaner, More Health-Focused Homes

    With a new generation of home buyers purchasing at a younger age, many expect more out of their investment. Millennials tend to be especially eco-conscious and look for home building materials that are non-toxic, more responsibly sourced and more easily obtained. Also, the awareness of environmental toxins in water and air has created more of a need for purification systems and an emphasis on reducing blue light exposure with the implementation of more amber colored ambient lighting.

    Less Emphasis on Luxe Upgrades

    This year, lavish customization and luxe home upgrades are expected to be on the decline. Homeowners are beginning to focus on smaller projects that can improve the look of individual home features versus an entire section or home remodel that can add up to thousands of dollars spent. Painting, installing a new sink or upgrading light fixtures are a few smaller ways that you can create a whole new look and feel for your home. That being said, if you own an older home and plan to put it on the market this year, expect to spend more than the average on overall upgrades in order to get your home buyer-ready.

    Home Technology

    There is no shortage of smart home technology, and this is a trend that is sure to continue as more people adopt voice-activated home systems for music, lighting, heating and AC systems as well as home cleaning technology. Even power sources for your devices can be built into nightstands, coffee tables and other furniture for convenience and better functional use of your space.

    DIY and Personalization

    Younger generation homeowners also tend to lean towards DIY, Pinterest-style home improvement projects as a more hands-on, affordable alternative to customization. Hosting DIY parties can be a great way to invite friends over to gather, collaborate on a home project and socialize all at the same time. Also, don’t forget about painting and wall covering! Changing wall colors, adding accent colors, or adding simple wall art can completely change the look and vibe of any room. If you are lucky enough to know a local artist, painting a mural on the wall is another unique way to jazz up any room.

    Garage Makeovers

    Garages do add to overall property value and upgrading your current garage door is one way that you can quickly and easily improve the look of your home. Some home owners with a little extra money to burn are starting to implement total garage makeovers complete with upgraded and functional storage solutions, lighting that draws more attention to automobiles for car enthusiasts, as well as upgraded flooring to create a warmer, more inviting space to spend time rather than give off the impression that a garage is just an auto storage vessel.

    Modern Hybridization of Design

    From a design perspective, 2020 is a year to experiment with classic elements fused together with modern minimalistic touches to create a completely eclectic look within your home. Adding small touches like wall sconces for air plants, small, glass beaker-style planters and succulents still offer a very popular, clean look along with distressed wood sliding doors and weathered furniture that gives off a solid, built-to-last, Cape Cod-style vibe.

    Create Your Own Indoor/Outdoor Oasis

    Many homeowners are trying to make the best use of their space by creating transitional rooms that go from indoor to outdoor with the addition of double-duty indoor/outdoor flooring and furniture that is weather-resistant, as well as enclosed seating areas with large windows, sliding doors, or screens with added lush green plants for a unique place to get away from it all.

    We hope that you’ve enjoyed this 2020 home improvement edition of the blog and that you were able to pick up some inspiration for your own home along the way! For fresh new ideas throughout the year, creating a free Pinterest account (we like to call it ‘Pinspiration’) is a fun and easy way to stay on the pulse of creative home design. Until next time, friends!

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