How Can I Add Curb Appeal to My Home?

Your home should feel like your sanctuary: a place where you can go to relax and let go of the stress of the day. Not surprising, the outdoor aesthetic of a home is just as important as the inside and can make your space feel tense and disorganized if things seem out of balance. So, if the outside of your home makes you cringe or seems outdated, it may be time to consider some upgrades.

Curb appeal doesn’t just apply to homes that are currently on the market. Home remodeling and decorating can make a big difference when it comes to property value and can represent a sense of pride in being a homeowner.

Some of the following upgrade ideas can take shape over the course of a weekend and some may take longer, depending on your vision, timeline, and budget. Here are our favorites:

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    Painting or Replacing a Front Door

    One of the simplest ways to give your home a quick facelift is to repaint or totally replace your front door. Depending on your home’s color scheme, this can be as easy as choosing a whole new color that complements your exterior house paint or taking your entrance a whole different direction with a more modern front door. If budget is a factor, you’ll save more money with a simple paint job, but if you have a higher budget, there are some beautiful options for front doors. It’s always a great idea to check out HGTV or Pinterest for design inspiration, tips, and trends.

    Go For Symmetry

    This is as simple as making sure that your house has an overall balanced look to the exterior. Symmetry can include front entrance lighting and even landscaping. If you have lighting or plants on one side of the front door, it’s best to have them on both sides to balance out the overall appearance of your home and create a clean look.

    Outdoor Lighting

    Lighting can make a big difference when it comes to your home’s ability to appear warm and inviting. Whether you choose pathway lights or fixtures, it’s still important to keep everything symmetrical. Simple touches like outdoor wall sconces on either side of your front door can set the mood and enhance the appearance of your home, not to mention, they can create a sense of safety at night for you and your guests.

    Garage Door Upgrading

    If you have a working garage door that simply needs a little love, maintaining the door’s hinges, brackets, and springs are in good working order is another way to enhance your home’s curb appeal (understandably, this section is our personal favorite). On the other end of the upgrade spectrum, if your door is dented or on its last leg, it may be time for a brand new garage door. It’s important to choose wisely, and there are so many options!

    Garage doors have come a long way from the standard metal and painted wooden doors of the past. Beautifully-designed garage doors now come in dozens of colors, styles, and finishes to make your home stand out from the rest, and are another great way to enhance your property’s overall value. Our team is always happy to give guidance when you have questions about your existing door or are looking for an upgrade!

    Clean Gutters

    Another simple way to add more curb appeal is to have your gutters professionally-cleaned. In warmer climates, it’s especially important to get this done seasonally to prevent leaves and other debris from collecting in your gutters and creating the potential for a fire hazard.

    Plants and Landscaping

    One of the most stunning ways to increase your curb appeal is by adding flowers and other plants around the perimeter and front entrance to your home. Visiting a local garden center can be a fun activity for the whole family (bonus), plus it’s something that you can do gradually, as the weather gets warmer and more plants and flowers come into season. Building simple timber wood planters in front, with herbs and flowers can beautify any home. Also, since some plants require little maintenance, you can plant them in just about any container, and they will thrive. Low-maintenance plants like succulents and cacti are very minimalistic and have become very popular in modern home landscaping. Plus, they can grow consistently with little water and attention if you’re in a warmer climate with plenty of natural light.

    Clearing Shrubs and Yard Debris

    Along with making sure your gutters are clean, it’s also important to clear old tree branches and brush out of your yard to avoid fire hazards and cut down on the presence of ticks and other bugs that might find their way into your home. Keeping grass cut consistently in warmer months is also important and keeps your home looking great.


    Never underestimate the instant curb appeal of a beautiful front or wraparound porch. Adding outdoor chairs and small tables to your porch area can be an easy way to get more use out of the space and create a little oasis for you and your family to relax and spend more time outdoors. Did we mention outdoor weekend brunches?

    Sealing Driveway and Sidewalk Cracks

    One last item that sometimes gets overlooked when it comes to a home’s appearance is the driveway and pathways leading into your home either from the front entrance or coming in from your garage. Cracked and broken pavement can be an eyesore if cracks continue to grow, not to mention a potential safety hazard if the path becomes raised or jagged and someone trips. This upgrade can sometimes be a headache, but it’s one final and practical way of enhancing curb appeal.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed Extreme Home Makeover: The Up & Up Edition. Until next time!

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