We are surrounded by things that require electricity to perform their functions. Garage doors are one of those important things that are always needed to be in functioning condition. If a power outage happens, it is necessary to reset the garage door and reconnect the garage door opener. There are times when you need to go out somewhere in an emergency and due to a power outage or a faulty battery operation, you have to manually operate the door as it is the last option left.

But once everything is back to normal and after the power outage, you will have to reset your garage door back to automatic mode. You want to know how to reset a garage door after a power outage, The Up and Up Doors can help you with that. We have listed five simple steps by which you can easily operate your garage door manually and can bring it back to an automatic state.

5 easy steps to restore your garage door:

During a power outage, you should know how to operate the garage door manually and after the electricity is restored, it is always better to know all the details about the garage doors and how they can be brought back to automated functioning condition. By using an emergency release cord, you can open the trolley and shut down the electric garage door opener. But when the power is restored, you have to reset it in order to make your garage door functional again. Here we will discuss how you can manually use the garage door in a power outage and how to reset a garage door after a power outage:

  • The door must be completely closed:

When you are about to disengage your garage door from the garage door opener, you have to make sure that your door is in a down position and completely closed. When the door is opened and you disengage it from the garage door opener, it can prove to be very dangerous and can result in heavy damage or bodily harm.

  • Pull the emergency release cord:

Once you have made sure that the door is completely closed, pull the emergency release cord. It is a red rope that is seen hanging from the garage door trolley. In the closed position of the door, this cord is present at the front of the door. The trolley is connected to the carriage through the attachment point.

  • Move the garage door manually and return to down position:

After step 2, you will be able to freely move the garage door up and down and can perform your work even in a power outage. When resetting the garage door after electricity is restored, you will have to bring the garage door to the closed position.

  • Pull the emergency release cord towards the door:

Now to re-engage the garage door, pull the release cord to the garage door so it can work on electricity again. The spring lever will be compressed and the two mechanisms will be reconnected.

  • Re-connect the trolley to the opener carriage:

Now you just have to simply run the opener to reconnect the trolley to the opener carriage. After a cycle of opening and closing of the garage door is completed, you have your garage door back to electrical mode. You will hear a loud clicking sound when the trolley and carriage once cross each other.

If after a power outage, your garage door still doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that there is an issue with your garage door opener or garage door. It is just about raising the garage door, pulling the emergency release cord, and then pushing the control button. In no time, you will see your garage door in a functioning condition.

Don’t let a power outage keep your garage door down:

When the power is out, it can wreak havoc on your homes and businesses. You might not find it troubling until you have to take out your vehicle from the garage as your garage door opener won’t operate without electricity. Fortunately, you can still operate the garage door when the power is out. At this point, you will have to operate the garage door manually. If you want to manually lift the garage door, you will have to pull the garage door rope before fully raising the door.

Tips for garage door maintenance:

If you want your garage door to be functioning even in the storm or power outage, you will have to make sure that every part of your garage door is in its best functioning condition and work in a synchronized manner. Here we have listed some tips to maintain your garage door functionality.

  • Look and listen to what your garage door is trying to apprehend especially when squeaking noises are made.
  • Inspect the rollers so whenever you find yourself in a troubling situation, you will be easily able to move the door up and down manually.
  • Tighten up each and every bolt of the garage door.
  • Lubricate your garage door and make it work smoothly and seamlessly.

When you keep the tracks clear, you can easily move the garage door all on your own. There is no need to be worried.

  • In a power outage, when you have a fully functioning garage door that is functioning and is maintained properly, you will find it a lot easier to manually operate the garage door and then get it back to its original position.

Need garage door services:

If your garage door is still not reconnected even after following these steps, give The Up and Up Doors a quick call and we will troubleshoot all your problems regarding the garage door. The Up and Up Doors is one of the experienced garage door companies in your area, providing quality services and satisfaction to its clients. If you need garage door repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance service, feel free to contact us and get our services at highly affordable rates