Gimme’ Shelter: How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Garage

With spring on its way in just a few short months, it might seem a bit early to worry about a potential pest issue in your garage, but it can happen even in the winter months with bugs and other animals hurrying to seek refuge from the cold!

Garages are an easy target for pests because even though they are enclosed, it’s easy for them to sneak in through holes and cracks in the foundation or even by way of a garage door threshold that isn’t properly sealed off.

So, how can you as a homeowner keep your family safe and fend off the little critters year-round? Here, we’ll share some important tips to help you keep the bugs at bay:

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    Clean Sweep

    Choose a day where the weather is at least semi-comfortable to open your garage and get to cleaning! Make it a family activity and ask everyone to pitch in and help remove any boxes or items where pests might hide. Kids are usually willing and excited to find ways they can help out with things like sweeping or smaller tasks that will make the process go faster. Also, get rid of any unused items that have been sitting in there forever collecting dust if you don’t already have near-future plans for them.

    Bugs Begone!

    If you do happen to have an infestation, it’s important to reach out to a reputable pest control service in your area. Be sure to let them know what you find, as pricing for removal services may vary depending on what types of pests you find and how serious the issue is. Termites may pose a serious threat to your garage’s structural integrity if you have a wooden structure, which could end up costing you much more than a standard bug problem. Rodents are usually less of a threat and are generally easier to combat if you catch them early on. Also be sure to ask your pest control provider about safer, nontoxic, organic insecticides, especially if you have little ones or pets in your home!

    Remove Standing Water

    Standing water in your garage is like a breeding ground for bugs like mosquitos and roaches. If you do have any water on the floor, be sure to remove it with a mop or better yet, a wet vac if it’s already pooled on the floor. Plants sitting in or near the garage may also attract bugs because of the water they hold. Empty out any old planters and plant drainage saucers underneath your pots that may have water sitting idly in them.

    Install Traps

    In the event of a small rodent or ant infestation, it might be wise to set up some traps in your garage to see if this fixes the issue. Again, it may depend on how long the pests have been setting up shop in your garage and how severe the problem is. If it feels like something that may already be beyond your own ability to take care of, it’s best to consult with a pest control company that you can trust. Reading reviews online and asking for referrals is important also because you want someone who’s trustworthy and reputable in your home and around your family.

    Keep Your Garage Door Closed

    It may seem like the obvious thing to do, but leaving your garage door open when not in use is like an open invitation for pests and neighborhood animals to find their way in and burrow into your belongings. When your garage door isn’t being used, simply keep the door closed. This also brings up an important point about garage door safety and security, which you can read more about in our previous blog post here.

    Garage Door Repair or Replacement

    One thing to consider is the current condition of your garage door. You might be creating a way for pests to easily seek shelter in your garage without even knowing it. Cracks and holes in the structure as well as the spacing underneath your closed garage door can cause problems and should be addressed. If your garage door no longer lowers past a certain point or doesn’t have a good seal on the bottom threshold where it meets your driveway, you should give your trusted garage door company a call to see how they can get your door back in working order!

    Maintain Cleanliness

    The cleaner your garage, the less likely you’ll run into any additional pest issues in the future. Make it a point to go through and inventory your garage at least twice a year to help keep everything clean and well-maintained. Sweep your garage floor once a month to keep it clean and free from any debris that may have been tracked in from your shoes or tires. Also, if you keep any pet food in your garage, make sure it is stored in tightly secured bins and not left in the bag it came in.

    Garage Makeover

    If you have extra time and funds, maybe also consider giving your garage a face lift! Add special lighting, cabinetry, or cool new flooring to make the space feel more livable, comfortable and less of a dark and uninviting parking structure for your vehicles.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed our newest post and until next time, may your garage game be strong!

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