Replacement Cost of Garage Door Springs in Austin, TX

Garages Increase a Home’s Property Value

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you have either an attached garage or a separate-standing building for housing both your vehicles and for storage of your important personal possessions.

Even though garages add to the aesthetic of your home and increase property value.They are often considered more of an afterthought rather than a permanent fixture on your property.

Many of us don’t spend a great deal of time in our garages. So they are often not as well-maintained as your actual house or other property. So when it comes to overall property value, you’ll want to maintain the structural integrity and aesthetic of your garage door just as you would your house or yard.

The cost of upkeep for maintaining a functional garage door is relatively low. But the springs are often the culprit of many issues, and sometimes will need to be replaced.

Considering how frequently they are used, most garage door springs are actually built to last an average of five or more years. Total replacement of a garage door itself will cost a lot more, so here are some things to consider when it comes to the cost of replacing the springs only:

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    Spring Type and Functionality

    There are two main types of garage door springs: extension springs and torsion springs. Extension springs tend to be used more often, and are often a more cost-effective option than torsion springs. They are located horizontally above the garage door, but due to their exposure.

    They are usually the fastest type of spring to wear down. Torsion (tension) springs are better attached to the garage wall in multiple places and the coils wind differently than extension springs, so they will generally last longer.

    Diagnostics and Repairs

    Upon further inspection, sometimes a complete spring replacement isn’t required. But it depends on if the issue is simply an unpleasant noise coming from the door, or if the door will no longer lift and lower.

    Lubricating the springs would only require a very small investment in the case that the garage door will still raise and lower on its own.

    Spring Replacement

    For a total replacement of the springs, the average cost for the Austin and surrounding metro area can vary greatly for parts and labor, depending on the type of spring that is being used in the replacement and the service provider. The parts can sometimes be bought from a garage door retailer, which can sometimes lower the total cost.

    But the labor involved is often what will drive up pricing the most. It’s best to check review sites like Yelp, where consumers will give their feedback on not only service quality, but pricing as well.

    Hiring a Professional

    There are tutorials and DIY videos that can teach a person how to replace garage door springs on their own, but due to the potential danger of broken down or damaged springs and the weight of the door itself.

    It’s best to seek out a professional garage door contracting company to replace springs and reduce the chance for any potentially serious injury or even death.

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