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Broken Spring Repair

Door springs are utilized to close and open a garage door. The extension spring and the twist spring are the two basic spring types. Even though both springs are dangerous, torsion springs are trickier to deal with and more dangerous than expansion springs. Extension springs are used especially for lighter garage doors, like one piece tilt-up and sectional doors. They hang from the crest of the doorway and are attached near the rear of the upper tracks. If you wish to install or repair your garage door, you may DIY. Extension springs are very dangerous so if you’re not conscious and follow the repair instructions injuries may occur.

Torsion springs are utilized for heavier doors, like sectional doors. An expert must install or repair your garage if it uses torsion springs. Garage doors which use torsion springs can be quite difficult to handle. They usually weigh anywhere between 300-400 lbs, so the springs can be strong enough to close and open the door. These springs have caused severe head trauma to even professionals when they’re being installed or repaired. If you have kids, educate them to never stand beneath the garage door when it is opening or closing. No matter how much you educate them, little kids want to push the button that opens/closes the garage out of curiosity. You must install the buttons that close and open the door out of reach of young kids.

This should prevent most accidents caused by the garage door or even the door springs themselves. Even the very best maintained garage door springs will have to be repaired because of wear and tear. In order to prevent serious repairs, it is smart to perform regular check-ups on your own springs problems.

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    Spring Repair Highlights

    Spring replacements are dangerous because when installing the new springs, they are placed under extreme tension. Without the proper tools and training, property can be damaged and more importantly, serious personal injury can occur. Continuing to operate your door with a broken spring is very dangerous and can cause additional damage to the garage door and electric opener systems.

    Expected Lifespan of your Garage Door Spring

    Garage door springs have a limited lifespan. This lifespan is measured in cycles, with the door going up and coming back down counting as one cycle. While there are various lifespan options, most common garage door springs come with a 10,000 cycle life expectancy. Your spring replacement frequency will be determined by your garage door usage.

    Spring Life Expectancy Determined by Daily Use:

    • 2 times daily = about 14 years
    • 4 times daily = about 7 years
    • 6 times daily = about 5 years
    • 8 times daily = about 3 years