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Noisy Garage Door Repair

A noisy garage door is a pain that may wake you up during the night if another person in the family comes in late. While there are several garage door opener models which are substantially quieter than others, we can make your present garage door opener quieter with a repair. Simply call The Up and Up Garage Doors for an assessment on your noisy garage door.

Need to Fix a Noisy Garage Door?

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    What Causes Garage Door Opener Noise?

    What are the causes of Garage Door opener sounds? Oscillation can transport throughout the steel construction of the opener resulting in a noisy garage door. The door itself may vibrate as it opens. Additionally, the motor might continue to grind even with the doors up.

    Let the Up & Up Garage Doors Resolve Your Problem

    Your local Austin tech might approach the issue in several manners. He may perform on of the following. Replace the primary gear drive on your opener motor which can be a comparatively low-cost fix. Tighten bolts along with other hardware. Add a rubber padding between the motor mounts in the roof that may dampen the noise. Replace the rollers that traverse the track with plastic or rubber models. Fix and the slack on the chain in the drive path and lubricate the path. Replace distressed hinges. The Final Remedy – A Brand New Opener.

    The Ultimate Solution – A New Opener

    While your trouble may be minimized by these options, the best method to reduce noise is by updating an older model of door opener with a fresh belt drive operator. This kind of opener uses a quieter rubber belt instead of a chain, which makes them quieter. The difference can be only $100 or so while belt driven alternatives are costlier than chain driven models.