Six Ways to Keep Your Garage Safe & Secure

Garage door security is something that is often overlooked by many homeowners, unlike front door locks and security gates. Still, it’s very important to make sure your garage is safe and secure. This especially goes for attached garages where the only thing standing between you and a potential burglar is a regular swinging (and often unlocked) door.

Important safety measures should be incorporated for theft prevention and that starts with your own garage door. Here are some security tips for maintaining your safety and peace of mind:

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    Keep Doors Closed When Not in Use

    It sounds simple, but people often leave their garage doors open and unattended while inside their homes. This may not present a problem with unattached garages, but many people have attached garages nowadays for convenience. Leaving your garage open unattended also increases the chance for potential intruders to hide in your garage and catch you off guard. If you do have an attached garage and you must leave your garage door open for longer than exit or entry, make sure the door leading into your home is deadbolted or locked at the handle at all times. This is a simple thing that can put you in a less vulnerable position.

    Take Your Remote Inside

    Many people leave their garage door remotes in the car rather than taking them indoors, but if someone does happen to break into your car, your remote is theirs for the taking. This may give them the potential to access your home at any time and put you at risk for a break-in. It’s much easier to attach it to your key ring and keep it inside at all times.

    Cover Glass Panes

    If your garage door has panes of glass, make sure that they are frosted to keep potential thieves from looking into your garage for contents to steal. You may also want to reinforce the glass with another material if possible or choose a non-glass garage door for added security.

    Motion Sensor Lighting

    As an extra precaution, it might be a good idea to install motion sensor lighting at the top of your garage door. This is another deterrent for intruders, as it draws attention to anyone who might try to gain access to your garage at night or in the early morning.

    Security Cameras

    Motion sensor lighting is great for security, but you can also go a step further for extra protection by adding security cameras to your home’s garage door entry point and around the perimeter. These cameras can be small and hidden well so that potential intruders won’t even know they are under surveillance.

    Garage Door Replacement

    If your garage door is older, this could be a possible target for theft. Older hardware that is rusted or not secured completely makes it easier for anyone to find a weak spot or opening to get into your garage. If your garage door no longer seals tightly or lowers all the way down, this is another possible entry point for thieves. If total replacement isn’t an option, it’s best to call your garage door repair company and ask about hardware replacement options.

    At The Up & Up Garage Doors, safety is number one. We want homeowners to be informed and feel empowered, so if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

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