Six Ways to Prepare Your Garage Door for Spring in Austin, TX

Can you believe we are just a month away from spring? We’re not sure that the rest of the US can relate, but unseasonably warm weather is a common theme and usually welcome occurrence here in Austin and the rest of central Texas. We are coming up on SXSW, outdoor concert season, foodie festivals and all the other fun things that Austin has to offer in the spring. Spring represents a season of new growth and new beginnings, and we think that should also include a fresh start for your garage door.

What can you do to prepare your garage door for spring here in Austin, TX? We’ve got some tips to share that’ll make spring maintenance feel more like a lamb and less like a lion!

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    Clean Machine

    We talked about cleaning your garage in our previous blog to keep bugs in check, but we’ll touch on it here also. Plan a day to get the family together for a total garage spring cleaning session. Scheduling some time on the calendar at least a week in advance will ensure that your loved ones know that you’d love them to pitch in and help with this somewhat daunting task. Remove boxes, tools and all items until your garage floor is clear and then sweep out dust and remove cobwebs for a fresh look and feel. If you can get access to a compressed air gun, also spray around garage door rollers, fixtures and the garage floor to get rid of any buildup, dust or debris that may have found its way in during winter.

    Grime is a Crime

    While we’re on the subject of cleaning your garage interior, let’s not forget your garage exterior! It’s pretty simple to grab a bucket of warm water and soap and get to work on cleaning the outside of your garage door. While you’re at it, you can grab the hose, do some double duty and give your car a good washing as well. Now your garage door and your car will both be sparkling clean!

    Spring Into Action

    Now that your garage door is clean from the inside out, you can check the garage door springs, rollers and other components to make sure they are in proper working order. If you hear any squeaks, it might be a good idea to keep a simple lubrication kit around so that you can attend to these as they come about. Also make sure that components aren’t rusted out, and therefore keeping moisture out of your garage is so important (not to mention, it keeps out pests).

    Spark Joy and De-Clutter!

    If you take a page from any of Marie Kondo’s books, you’ll know why tidying up is so important. This can also apply to your garage. A garage shouldn’t feel like a scary dungeon, but rather a comfortable place that just happens to house your vehicles and other belongings. Once your garage has been cleaned and swept in time for spring, it’s a great idea to organize and create a storage solution that works for you and your family’s needs. Creating zoned off areas where you keep tools and other home improvement equipment will help you feel a lot less cluttered and you’ll have peace of mind knowing where everything is housed. Keeping tools hung up on peg boards is a great way to keep them organized and out of the way. Adding additional shelves or cabinetry is another great way to make sure your belongings are kept up and away. This will give your whole garage a more organized look and feel.

    Weather or Not

    When making any needed seasonal repairs to your garage door, don’t forget the sometimes-overlooked insulation and weather stripping. These two are quite important because they will keep out the elements and prevent the interior components of your garage door from moisture and slow the naturally occurring wear and tear process. Proper insulation is also important for sealing cracks and keeping out bugs and other pests that might seek shelter inside your garage.

    Inspect and Protect

    We’ve given several ways in which you can prepare your garage door for the spring season on your own, but it’s also a great idea to get on a regular maintenance plan with your trusted garage door company! Checking your door’s emergency release and auto-reverse safety features are an essential part of garage door maintenance. Trained garage door professionals know what to look out for and will be able to spot any potential hazards that you might have missed on your own. At The Up & Up Garage Doors, we do offer preventative maintenance services because your family’s safety and security always come first.

    We hope you enjoyed this fresh new edition of the blog and feel prepared for the blooming season of beauty we call spring! Until next time, Austin…

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