Garage doors increase the security and safety of your house, similarly garage door openers increase your convenience. These electronic devices are meant to make your work easy for you. You just need to sit at your place and your garage door can be opened or closed using one click from the remote control of your garage door opener. If there is any problem with the remote of your garage door you can simply operate your garage door by using the button on the garage wall. Make sure to get your garage door opener installed by a professional company as this will make your garage door opener work for longer and efficiently.

Things to consider while choosing a garage door opener

When it comes to choosing your garage door opener you need to be careful as these can give you convenience as well as create problems for you. Getting your garage door opener installed by a professional company will decrease your issues. Buying the cheapest garage door opener is not enough, you need to take care of many other features. Size and the weight of your garage door matter the most, chain drive would work best for the heavy garage doors. And for the taller garage door, an extension kit works best. Nowadays garage doors are made of different materials like fiberglass, aluminum, steel, wood, or PVC. While installing a garage door you need to consider the material of your garage door. Heavier doors need more horsepower than lighter ones. Look at the power supply of the garage door whether you need to select alternative current or direct current. The noise of the garage door can create a lot of disturbance, so make sure to select that belt that is quieter than others. Select a garage door opener that has more safety features, including an automatic reversing feature, rolling codes, and infrared beams that detect any object or person in its way. If you are looking for a reasonable garage door opener then Up and Up Garage Doors will suggest you select chain drive. Up and Up Garage Doors have all types of garage door openers, you need to select according to your garage door.

Types of garage door openers

There are several different types of garage door openers and some of them are discussed below

  • Chain drive garage door opener is the most common opener. It works almost on most garage doors as it fits the height and width of every garage door. It comes at such affordable rates also it needs a chain to open or close your garage door.
  • Belt drive garage door openers work the same just like chain drive openers, there is only a single difference that in this garage door opener only chain is replaced with the belt. They work best for both heavy and lightweight garage doors. But they need more maintenance to work better and their life is also less than other openers. Because its belt can slip during warm temperatures or when there is more humidity in the air.
  • For a quiet garage door, you need to have screw drive garage door openers as they have metal rods that work just like a screw for opening or closing your garage door. As its parts don’t move much just like other openers so that increases the lifespan of the opener. When there is fluctuation in temperature it creates issues with your garage door. They create more noise than belt garage door openers. Choose wisely before looking for a garage door.
  • Jackshaft garage door openers are automatic garage door openers. These types of garage door openers can be mounted on the wall. And they need less space to adjust. You can also customize some of its features. They are more costly than other garage door openers.
  • Direct drive openers have a geared trolley and the motor is fixed inside the trolley. Due to its high rate and less use, it’s difficult to find these openers. But the thing is that they need no or less maintenance and a lifetime warranty of this opener is also guaranteed.
  • For the heavy garage doors, hoist openers work best; they are just like jackshaft openers. They are more costly than other garage door openers. They look just like curtain-style doors made of steel.

Many other garage door openers are also used along with these openers. Up and Up Garage Doors have collections of all types of garage door openers. All you need to do is to check from our collection and you can select according to your need.

Why garage door openers are better than a manual garage door

Most people get garage door openers installed due to their features like safety. As it increases the safety and security of your loved ones. You can operate your garage door by sitting in one place and you don’t need to take precautions. Also, it makes your life easier and convenient. Also, automatic garage doors not only come in a single design. There are several different styles of automatic garage doors available. You can select the material and style of your garage door according to your own choice. You can adjust the speed of your garage door and at what speed it will open or close the garage door. Automatic garage doors are more secure than manual garage doors. That makes your house more secure and no unauthorized person can enter your property.

Garage doors are the main entrance of your house. You need to select an appropriate garage door and opener for your house. You just need to discuss your issue with experts of Up and Up Garage Doors and they will help you in selecting the best choice for your property.