How To Prepare Your Garage Door for the Winter

Football season has finally started, and though the current temperatures do not feel like it, it is officially fall and winter in Austin, TX is right around the corner.

While Austin is known for more for hot, humid summers, live music, bats, and great festivals, the winter weather here can still wreak havoc on your home and specifically your garage door if you’re not prepared for the colder weather.

Some homeowners use reminders, such as changing the clocks forward/backward to help them remember to take care of regularly scheduled home maintenance such as changing air filters or getting their A/C tuned up. This helpful reminder on your calendar can also be used to make sure you have your garage door inspected and maintained. This is one winter preparation project that many homeowners overlook, even though it can be costly to do so.

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    Do I Need to Winterize My Garage Door in Texas?

    If you’re like me, you use your garage door every day. Not just once a day, but you rely on your garage door opener to let yourself and your family in and out of your home multiple times a day. And while you prepare the rest of your home for winter, you’re likely not giving any thought to your garage door.

    Because of the constant daily usage, your garage door springs, opener, and even the safety sensors are exposed to the elements. So, this fall is the perfect time for garage door maintenance to make sure you do not have any issues all winter long, even if the winters are mild here in Austin.

    What Will the Cold Weather Do to My Garage Door?

    As a general rule, cold temperatures cause things to shrink. And this would also apply to the many parts of your garage door, like rails, screws, and of course the springs. While deep freezes are unlikely in Central Texas, the adjustments from falling temperatures can cause problems. Springs can break, tracks can warp or become misaligned, and your garage door may not be able to open or close properly or at all.

    An inspection and tune-up in the fall can help make sure your garage door is in good working order after all the normal wear and tear, and especially before the weather changes.

    What Does Up and Up Garage Doors Do to Help Prevent My Garage Door from Breaking?

    • Inspect the door and its tracks for any existing damage or concerns
    • Lubricate the doors moving parts to make sure everything moves effortlessly
    • Verify that the garage door is closing properly with an adequate seal
    • Test the door’s balance to make sure there’s no added strain to your garage door opener
    • Clear any debris from the sensors so that your door’s safety features are working

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    Sometimes maintaining your garage door is going to require more than a little bit of oil or a quick adjustment.

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