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Electric Garage Door Openers

Opening your garage with remote is easy, but placing it in a safe spot in the automobile or keeping track of the remote can be catchy. You can open the garage door with a code that you application directly into the unit by installing a keyless entry system. You can open the door without becoming from the automobile if you’ve this unit installed on a post. You can nevertheless open the door with the remote control, but when you’ve this convenient keyless choice, you’ll immediately become adapted to the extra convenience.

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    Chain Driven Openers

    These reliable openers run on the track that uses a metal chain. One of the least expensive types of openers on the market, they are noisy, which makes them a bad choice if your bedroom is located over the garage or the garage is adjacent to the main rooms in your home

    Belt Driven Openers

    Currently considered the best type of opener in the industry, belt-driven openers are both reliable and quiet, as they run on a steel reinforced belt. While they are a bit more expensive than chain drive openers, your home remains quiet, even when someone is entering or exiting the garage

    Screw Driven Openers

    The cheapest type of opener on the market, a screw driven opener uses a lifting device that runs on a threaded steel rod instead of a chain or rubber belt. These garage door openers tend to be slower and a bit noisy. They are most reliable in areas where the weather and temperature are consistent all year long.

    Direct Drive Openers

    The most expensive and quietest of openers, direct drive models use a motor that travels along a stationary chain. It is slower than belt or chain models, but they are so reliable, that they often come with a long or even lifetime warranty.

    What Type of Garage Door Opener Do You Want?

    The first choice you have to make regarding your new garage door opener is the type of opener you want.