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Insulated garage doors are insulated with layers of polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam, which comes in different densities. The density of the material depends on the climate of the area. The greater density, the more insulation it provides. The other type of insulated garage door is polyurethane, which is liquid styrofoam sandwiched between layers of steel. It is more effective and efficient. As a homeowner, you may want to consider installing insulated garage doors on your property. It has many benefits including energy efficiency and protection. At the up and up doors, we have the most highly rated insulated garage doors.

Protection from harsh weather

You want to consider this type of insulation for added protection against extreme temperature changes and weather variations in your home garage area during the winter months as well as summer months. Single or double insulated garage doors are used to keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summertime. You can add a layer of insulation to different types of garage doors. The insulated steel and glass garage doors give you a distinctive appearance along with superb insulation features for winter season cooling and pleasant for all seasons weather conditions. They also serve as a noise cancellation door, due to their thickness. You do not have to bear traffic noise.

Energy and cost-efficient

We have to use a thermostat to maintain the temperature of the house. In extreme conditions, the thermostat is used all day and night to maintain the climate inside of the house. The more the thermostat is used, the more energy it will consume. Having an insulated garage door will save you from higher electricity billing. The up and up doors have high-quality insulating materials that will do the work of a thermostat. you just have to use the thermostat once and all the work will be done by the door.

Also, it is the most affordable garage door in the market. As styrofoam is a cheap material.

Less maintenance requirement

Insulated garage doors are heavyweight and have multiple thicknesses. Due to their multiple protective layers, and the presence of styrofoam there is very little chance of rusting. Also, styrofoam is free of facing friction, so there is less chance of damaged screws, cables, and hinges. They have higher strength so are less prone to damage by vehicles such as dents, scratches, paint worn out, etc. they also save from heavy rain and snow.

Our insulated garage door services

At up and up doors, we offer Emergency Garage door repair for all kinds of insulated garage doors problems. We can fix your garage door from any kind of emergency issue in a very short period at low prices without wasting your money on unnecessary calls to other companies because our team of professionals will go directly to the problem place to fix it fast! We do not believe in taking advantage of customers in any way so we charge only reasonable fees.

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